Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014


I would warmly appreciate if you would stop the kidnapping of my kids. Of course it's very important for you to use the abilities of the mothers of the kids to penetrate Chinese/Russian networks or intensify social struggles by manipulating the social medias and other networks. You can do whatever you want for your importand national security purposes - as long as you avoid kidnapping my kids (originally Austrian citizen)
Thank you for getting in contact with sooo much nice girls from your side, who should interrogate and refocus my approach to my kids - but I am so sorry, I still would like you to stop abusing my kids. I am not particulary interested in your strategies in the Eurasian area, neither my kids are. If you pretend to keep my kids as hostages of your world-police-playing and enemy penetration programs, I will come to the point where your insisting in unlawful behavior will lead me to claim the right to protect myself. Myself in this case also includes my kids. I think I gave you long enough time to change your unlawful behavior.

You have 3 days time to enable a authentical sign of life and wellbeeing of my kids - no pictures, no other old fake internet-stuff. Otherwise I apply to you the same problems you applied to my life. If this sounds offensive to you, that would indicate your detailed understanding of your own wrongdoing. Once again - no hidden messages, no manipulation no nothing - just plain direct contact to my kidnapped kids. In a second step we will discuss the raping of the mothers and the of the kids. In a third step we will discuss your obstruction of justice. And I know you can read this.

Especially for the two guys which are involved in the raping of small children and mothers. Be sure I will get you - I will find you and I will find your friends which are protecting you. Everybody has the choice between the good and the evil. You have chosen the evil for you life. I will support you to get the full load. Welcome to hell. I can see, that your death will not become very painless - everything comes back in life... and if you know me, you can be sure, that a damn lot of things come true if I can "feel" them.

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